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The Team

Rev. Enocha "Ranjita" Ryan

Minister, Mistress of Ceremonies

Rev. Enocha Ranjita Ryan – Passionate and dedicated to a life of celebrating Spirit in the human Being, I have created a ministry of serving couples and others who want to walk the sacred path of love.  As a ceremonial artist, I am committed to bringing that essence of meaningful celebration and love to your sacred wedding ceremony. 

Ingrid Hardy

I am the fairy dust that makes everyone else shine.

In order to facilitate the ease of your wedding day, relieving you of the guesswork and research, Your Heart’s Home Weddings has created a talented team of Wedding artists to bring the magic to your sacred ceremony that you desire and deserve.

Kimall Christensen

Celebration of Life Photographer


I have a lifelong passion for photography, including nature, travel and special occasion photography. I enjoy working closely with my clients and I am always honored to be a creative part of their celebration. Photographs are treasures to keep and can rekindle fond memeories for many years to come.


I consider myself to be a semi-professional photographer, in that I have many other creative interests. I use an 18 megapixel Canon EOS SLR camera to shoot with and utilize Photoshop as an editing tool.

Oman Ken

Multi-Instrumental Musician / Vocalist


I have 35 years experience of playing music professionally in which I have captivated audiences touring the United States, recorded 14 albums of my music, and enhanced countless celebrations and wedding events.


I am a multi-instrumentalist who plays romantic and jazz harp, Native American and ethnic flutes, modern and classical guitar, contemporary piano, and have an exquisite vocal style.


As well as creating a wondrous sense of celebration before the ceremony while your friends are gathering together, I have a natural ability to weave my music into the special moments of your ceremony. I create a beautiful ambiance for the intentional words that will be shared. I have a unique way of making every celebration even more magical.

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